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Oberleutnant Herbert Rollwage

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Oberleutnant Herbert Rollwage’s victory total will never be known for sure, but he did fly a total of 664 missions, mainly leading 5./JG 53, which would become known as “Rollwage Staffel”.
πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Several of these 664 missions over the Island of Malta during the mid-Summer weeks of 1942 involved fierce aerial combats with none other than Canadian 249 Sqn. RAF Sgt. George F “Buzz/Screwball” Beurling.
Documentation seems to prove that on atleast a couple of occasions, Rollwage did indeed wound and possibly shoot down Screwball “Buzz” Buerling.
πŸ“Œ He is officially credited with 71 victories, of which 11 were claimed on the Eastern Front.
14 heavy four-engine bomber victories are verifiable by date.
βœ…βŒBased on all verifiable Allied loss listings, there are 57 total claims that can be positively identified. Out of those 57 claims, 43 of them are confirmed victories, with 14 overclaims.
A claiming accuracy of 75.4%…
πŸ†πŸ₯‰πŸπŸ He was also a recipient of Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves
It is thought his final total may be between 80 and 85.
❌ Some sources credit Rollwage with 102 victories, including 44 four-engined bombers but it is thought that this number is in error.
He was born on 24 September 1916 at Gielde near Goslar in Niedersachsen ang joined the Luftwaffe in 1936. In spring 1941, Rollwage was posted to JG 53.
πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ Unteroffizier Rollwage was assigned to 5./JG 53, which by this time was already engaged in the fighting of the initial phase of Operation Barbarossa- the invasion of the Soviet Union
πŸ“Œ He claimed his first victory on the opening day of Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of Russia on 22 June, when he shot down a Russian SB-2 twin-engined bomber.
πŸ”°πŸ”°πŸ”°Claims Verification Research by
Nick Hector
πŸ”°1st claimβœ…
N of Rossienie
2 AE, 9 SBAP. Two shot down at the target, two forced landed on Soviet territory and two making emergency landings at their airfield
(versus a total of six claims)
πŸ“ŒHe scores his second victory on 11 July 1941 when he claims a DB-3 near Slawkowitschi.
πŸ”°2nd claimβœ…
E of Slawkowitschi
Likely 201 BAP, crew of Aleksandr Grigorievich Malyshev all KIA, definitely lost to fighters in Pskov area
πŸ”°3rd claimβœ…
202 SBAP, 41 AD? At least one loss to fighters this date
(Trautloft also may have caused this loss)
πŸ’₯On 28 August 1941, Rollwage claims his first fighter, a MiG or LaGG wrongly claimed as an I-18.
πŸ”°4th claimβœ…
MiG-3 or LaGG-3 (“I-18”)
S of Njetschanje
15 and 19 IAP. Slight overclaiming: eight losses in total. Includes St.Lt. Andrey Andreevich Shemyakov, and Kapitan Vassily Yakovlevich Yevtyukhov and Kapitan Vassily Andrianovich Churinov of 15 IAP KIA
(9 claims in total)
πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯Rollwage has three victories recorded on 27 August 1941.
πŸ”°10th claimβœ…
E of Taksowo
Helmut Belser claimed as well: Were these claimed against 4 AE, 13 IAP? They listed St.Lt. Petr Dmitrievich Lobanov as KIA this date
πŸ“ŒBy 5 October 1941, he had claimed 11 Russian aircraft shot down, including the three victories recorded on 27 August.
By the end of that year he had already totaled 11 opponents – and one more unconfirmed.
πŸ†He had been decorated with the Second Class Iron Cross on 5 July 1941, and the 1st Class Iron Cross on 16 September 1941.
However, after suffering the hardships of the harsh Russian winter of 1941/42, his unit was transferred to a completely different scenario: the Mediterranean theater, where it started operating on missions in support of Rommel’s Afrika Korps troops in North Africa .
πŸ“ŒII./JG 53 was transferred to the Mediterranean theatre in December 1941.
In this scenario, facing the fighters of the RAF, Rollwage would initiate a series of constant successes.
πŸ”°12th claim❌
185, 605 and 242 sqns. Two damaged, no real losses
(four claims in total)
It takes over 3 months for Rollwage to register another victory claim.
πŸ’₯πŸ’₯He does it in style by shooting down 2 x Beauforts from 39 Squadron off of Krendi in just 2 minutes.
πŸ”°πŸ”°13th and 14th claimsβœ…βœ…
14.4.42/1705 and 1707
2 x Beauforts
Off Krendi (German convoy to Africa)
22 and 39 sqns. 22 lost N1100 of P/O G Belfield and crew ditched, into dinghy and rescued. 39 sqn lost N1169 of F/L R G W Beveridge and crew all KIA; N1186 of F/O R B Seddon and 2 MIA, 1 picked up; X8923 of F/O D A R Bee and crew all KIA; X8924 of F/L J M Lander crashlanded at Luqa, crew all safe and N1002 of F/O S W Gooch badly damaged but crew safe
πŸ’₯Ten days later on 24 April 1942, he scores his 15th victory when he claims a Spitfire.
πŸ”°15th claim❌
W of Ta Venezia airfield @ 50m
Probably Sgt. Boyd in Hurricane Z2698/L of 185 sqn. Only damaged
πŸ“ŒThe month of May 1942 is his biggest to date, with 4 victories crediting his 16th – 19th scores.
πŸ”°16th claimβœ…
SE of Luqa
BP872 of 603 “City of Edinburgh” sqn. F/L John Walter Buckstone KIA
πŸ’₯πŸ’₯Rollwage claims 2 x Spitfires shot down on 10 May 1942 near La Valetta for his 17th and 18th victory claims.
πŸ”°17th claimβœ…
S of La Valetta
Possibly Virgil Paul Brennan shot up, stalled and spun
πŸ”°18th claimβœ…
Spitfire VC Trop
2km S of La Valetta @ 2000 – 100m
BR348 of 603 “City of Edinburgh” sqn. P/O J G Mejor baled out safely
πŸ’₯Three days later, Rollwage makes his 19th claim against another Spitfire near Luqa.
πŸ”°19th claim❌
near Luqa
Overclaiming. No Spitfire losses this day except for one slightly damaged
(there was at least one other claim as well)
πŸ“ŒAfter almost 2 months of inactivity, Rollwage explodes upon the RAF fighter arm during July 1942, claiming 9 x British Spitfires (6 of 9 Legitimate) shot down for his 20th thru 28th victories.
πŸ”°20th claim
Spitfire VC Trop
St. Paul’s Bay
BR367/O of 603 sqn. F/S J H Ballantyne baled out WIA and rescued from the seaβœ…
πŸ’₯πŸ’₯Rollwage claims another double victory on 6 July 1942.
πŸ”°21st claim
SE tip of Gozo
603 “City of Edinburgh” sqn. Overclaiming, no losses❌
πŸ”°22nd claim
Spitfire VC
3km NE of Valetta
Ernst-Albrecht Schultz claimed as well.
Two claims for BP979 of 185 sqn. Sgt. Edwin Dewitt “Alabama” Moye (American) RCAF, KIAβœ…
πŸ”°23rd claim
4km NE of Zonqor point
249 sqn. 2 losses: BR251/E of F/S Bob Middlemiss RCAF and AB500 (one source lists this as being with 185 sqn) of F/S Dave Ferraby, both baled out safely. Raoul Daddo-Longlais also hit and damaged
(versus 4 claims in total)❌
πŸ”°25th claim
Spitfire VC Trop
7km SW of Dingli
Probably BR364 of 603 “City of Edinburgh” sqn. F/S Jim Ballantyne (Canadian) baled out safely. Jack “Slim” Yarra also crashlanded this day after being shot up by a Bf109
(The other loss was likely caused by Berres of JG 77)βœ…
πŸ’₯In combat with 185 Squadron over the Mediterranean Sea, Rollwage claims a Spitfire Mk V shot down, registering his 26th victory in the process.
This is the same dogfight in which George “Buzz/Screwball” Beurling in BR130/2-H is WIA in the heel.
πŸ”°26th claim
Spitfire V
12km W of Zonqor Point
Only traceable total loss was AB469 of 185 sqn, F/O J R Stoop baled out into the sea with burns, rescued by HSL but also BR379/V of F/O E L Hetherington forcelanded and Sgt. George “Buzz/Screwball” Beurling in BR130/2-H WIA in the heel. Also, a Spifire of 603 sqn is known to have been damaged in these actions, no further details
(versus 3 claims all up)βœ…
πŸ”°27th claim
Spitfire VC Trop
2km NW of Zonqor Point
Probably BR303 of 1435 Flight. F/S Brown baled out safely and rescued from the sea. Additionally, EP189 of Sgt. Don Hubbard crashlanded near Kirkop, KIA in the crash.βœ…
πŸ”°28th claim
Spitfire VC Trop
20km E of Malta
Possibly BR301/UF-S of 249 sqn. Sgt. George F “Buzz/Screwball” Beurling, canopy shot off but pilot unhurt
(Geisshardt claimed as well)❌
Buerling and Rollwage
πŸ“Œ By August 8 1942, after Rollwage had completed his 300th combat mission with another Spitfire VB victory claim, and just recently promoted to Oberfeldwebel, Rollwage had felled 18 opponents over the desert sands of Malta.
πŸ”°29th claimβœ…
Spitfire VB trop
5km N of La Valetta @ 1700m
EP336 of 1435 sqn. Sgt. Clarence Lloyd Kelly RNZAF KIA
Possibly George Buerling was his victim as well.
πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ On 8 August 1942, while in aerial combat, George Buerling was engaged while shooting at an unsuspecting Bf109 when he was bounced out of sun by two more Bf109s.
Beurling claimed that he put several cannon rounds into his intended target and that it went straight into the sea. This was apparently confirmed by his section leader.
πŸ“ŒBut his aircraft was then immediately hit in the engine with cannon fire and he crash-belly-landed in a stone-walled field.
“I climbed out”, he recalled, “unhurt except for a superficial cut in one arm.”
Beurling was shot down either by Herbert Rollwage or Siegfried Freytag, who both claimed a Spitfire shot down.
πŸ†Rollwage was decorated with the Trophy of Honor on 10 August 1942.
Appointed StaffelkapitΓ€n of 5./JG 53 (which would become known as “Rollwage Staffel”) in October 1942, he would remain in the Mediterranean until August 1943 – long after the defeat of the Afrika Korps – when he operated from bases in the Sicilia.
πŸ’₯Rollwage was then shot down in aerial combat over Koufonisi island on 10 November 1942 in Bf 109 G-2 (W.Nr. 105 00) β€œBlack 5”.
He had no choice but to force-landed his damaged aircraft.
Ofw Herbert Rollwage, of 5./JG-53 while flying Bf 109G-2 , WN 10500, made an emergency belly landing at Koufonisia, Crete after “Luftkampf”, having also received wounds in the enagagement.
His Bf 109G incurred 30% and Ofw. Rollwage was lightly wounded.
πŸ“ŒFrom a X. Fliegerkorps report:
Seven Bf 109s of 5./J.G. 53 scrambled from Kastelli against aircraft in the Heraklion direction. Hits were claimed on British aircraft. One aircraft force-landed at Koufonisia.
Operating over Tunisia from December 1942, Oberfeldwebel Rollwage claimed a further six victories.
πŸ† He was awarded the German Cross in Gold on 12 December 1942, the very same day he claimed his 32nd victory credit over a possible Photo-Recon P-38 Lightning in Tunisia.
πŸ”°32nd claim
P-38 Lightning
15km NE of Limagues (Tunisia) or Linosa/Limosa @ 1000-500m
Appears to be overclaiming, no known losses this date unless a PR Machine
πŸ“ŒHe claims 2 more P-38 Lightnings over the next two days, to bring his total to 34 victories.
πŸ”°33rd claim❌
P-38 Lightning
6km SE of Gafsa or Bou Chebka @ 600m
Said to be claimed against 1st FG. Overclaiming? No known losses this date
πŸ”°34th claim❌
P-38 Lightning
10km E of Gafsa @ 100m
Said to be claimed against 1st FG. Overclaiming? No known losses this date
πŸ’₯After a long, drawn out dogfight with a very qualified P-38 Lightning pilot down to the palm tree height of 150 feet, he claims his 35th victory on 30 December 1942.
πŸ”°35th claimβœ…
P-38G-1-LO Lightning
30km NE of Gabes @ 50m
48th FS, 14th FG. 3 definite losses, including 4?-?720 of Lt. Virgil H Smith KIA, 41-7639 of Lt. Clark W Smith and Lt. Richard Carroll POW (KIA when Italian sub Narvalo was sunk)
(versus 5 claims all up)
πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ’₯πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ On 2 March 1943, Rollwage was shot down again near Pont-du-Fahs following an interception of USAAF B-17 four-engined bombers as they approached Bizerta.
Escorting RAF Spitfires chased Rollwage down, hitting his Bf 109 G-4 (W.Nr. 160 67) and wounding him once again for the second time.
He force-landed his shot up aircraft near Bou Arada.
πŸ“ŒIt is thought his victor was the British ace F/Lt Roy Hussey (12 confirmed, 1 probable and 4.5 damaged victories, KIFA 20 February 1945) of 72 Sqn, RAF.
πŸ’₯It takes another 2 months before Rollwage claims his 36th victory.
πŸ”°36th claimβœ…
Baltimore (“Beaufort”)
60km W of Trapani @ low altitude
AG796 of 69 sqn. F/S F R Oldrieve and crew all MIA
πŸ“ŒThe next day, he claims another Spitfire 10km W of Marcissa airfield for his 37th victory.
πŸ”°37th claim❌
10km W of Marcissa airfield @ 2000m
Appears to be one of several claims for Sgt. Fraser of 242 sqn, forcelanded near Le Kef (attributed to Flak)
πŸ“ŒRelocated to Sicily in May 1943, Rollwage claimed a further 10 victories, including two four-engined bombers.
πŸ”°38th claimβœ…
20km S of Gela @ 3000m
126 sqn. Two losses: Mk IX EN142/MK-W of P/O John Hodges baled out and rescued by HSL 107 plus Mk V JK816/MK-K of F/S James Rennolds KIA
(versus 4 claims)
πŸ”°39th claimβœ…
B-24 DLiberator
7km NW of La Valetta @ low altitude
42-40313/X of 343rd BS, 98th BG. Lt. Clarence W Gooden and five crewmen all safe, four WIA. Damaged by Flak and fighters including Rollwage, made it back to Malta
πŸ’₯ He recorded his 40th victory on 13 June 1943.
πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Fergus Davidson was one of the many north-east Supermarine Spitfire pilots in Malta during World War II, who made sacrifices for their country throughout World War II.
The young Aberdonian, who joined the police after the conflict and became an inspector in the traffic department of the former Grampian force, was among those who signed up with a cavalry regiment, the Scottish Horse, in 1939, before advancing to horsepower of a different variety
He was involved in several missions as part of 229 Squadron in Malta to protect the island from enemy attack and, on June 13, 1943, took off to escort USA Liberator bombers on a journey from Malta to Catania in Sicily.
πŸ“ŒπŸ’₯But his Spitfire was intercepted by a German Luftwaffe pilot, Herbert Rollwage on board a Messerschmitt Bf109, and the Scotsman was shot down near Mineo on the Italian island.
πŸ”°40th claimβœ…
N of Mineo @ 5500m
Ta Krendi Wing, 3 losses in total, JK308/JE of Ta Krendi Wing, WC John Ellis POW is generally attributed to Michalski.
Other two losses were EF569/X-Z of 229 sqn, Sgt F Davidson POW and ER811/T-J of 249 sqn, Sgt. B W Sheehan RNZAF POW (attributed to an Italian 109)
He managed to bail out, but his plane was destroyed. Mr Davidson died in February 2011, at the age of 90
πŸ”°41st claim❌
25km S of Cap Passero @ 100m
Malta Wing. Overclaiming, no loss at this time
πŸ”°43rd claimβœ…
B-26 Marauder
60km S of Gela
319th BG. Losses include B-26B-15-MA 41-31589 (believe the pilot’s name was 1/Lt. Robert C Praun) and B-26C-10-MO 41-34872, Capt. Griffith P Williams and crew all POW, both of 440th BS
(Hammer and Niesen claimed as well)
πŸ”°44th claimβœ…
B-17 Flying Fortress
10km SW of Ragusa @ 2000m
At least four claims.
Includes B-17F-25-DL 42-3083 “Miss Carriage” of 492nd BS, 2nd BG (lost in the sea on mission to Gerbini, crew of 2/Lt. Roy Kline 8 KIA and 1 returned, on 17th mission) and B-17F-35-BO 42-5090 of 414th BS, 97th BG, crew all KIA
πŸ”°45th claimβœ…
P-40 Kittyhawk
7km NW of Cap san Vito @ 600m
ay’s losses include P-40F 41-14231 of 57th FG or 324th FG and 41-19757 of 316th FS, 324 FG. Capt David E Carpenter
πŸ“Œ On 10 July 1943, Rollwage made a claim for a SOC-3 “Ryan” spotter aircraft at 1039, just after he had claimed a P-38 two minutes before, 2 km South of Gela, in a low-level attack.
πŸ”°46th claimβœ…
P-38G-10-LO Lightning
1km S of Gela @ low altitude
42-12938 of 49th FS, 14th FG. Sidney R Booth
πŸ”°47th claimβœ…
SOC-3A? (“Ryan”)
2km S of Gela @ low altitude
Most likely BuNo 1097 from 8-CS-15, USS Savannah. Lt. John G Osborn Jr WIA and ARM1/c J. Schradle safe
πŸ’₯Rollwage was also badly wounded in combat FOR THE THIRD TIME (in WNr.182 42) with an enemy fighter later on that same day, near San Pietro, but managed to regain his base.
His Bf 109 G-6 “Schwarze 2” (W.Nr. 182 42) was classified as 100% damaged.
Rollwage spent several months in hospital as a result. Rollwage returned to combat duty and 5./JG 53, now based at Vienna-Seyring in Austria operating on Reichsverteidigung duties, in December 1943 after recovery from the wounds he received in July.
He had 47 victories to his credit at this time.
πŸ“ŒHe wouldn’t make his 48th claim until 7 Jan 1944, destroying yet another P-38 Lightning near Graz.
πŸ”°48th claimβœ…
P-38G Lightning
35km ESE of Graz @ 3600m
1st FG. Losses include P-38G-10-LOs 42-12887 (Reed C Owens of 71st FS, lost over Wiener-Neustadt), 42-13044 (Lee Rowe of 71st FS, last seen 50-60 miles S of Wiener-Neustadt), and 42-13370 (Maj. Horace A Hanes of 71st FS returned ) and 42-13403 (Fred M Devenney of 94th FS, lost over Wiener-Neustadt) plus P-38G-15-LOs 43-2399 (Horace S Corbett Jr KIA of 71st FS, definite loss to JG 53 over Bednja, Yugoslavia) and 43-2507 of 94th FS, James W Griffis POW (definite Bf109 victim)
πŸ“ŒRollwage finally recorded his 50th victory on 22 February 1944, a Herausschuss of a USAAF B-24 four-engined bomber between AltΓΆtting and Straubing.
He registers 2 x bombers shot down over the next two days.
πŸ”°50th claimβœ…
B-24 Liberator HSS
Raids on Regensburg, Pruefening and Obertraubling
15th AAF. Twenty losses. Includes 450th BG lost B-24H-1-DT 41-28604 and B-24H-1-FO 42-7714 whilst 449th BG lost B-24H-1-FOs 42-7700 and 42-7715
πŸ”°51st claimβœ…
B-17 Flying Fortress
15th AAF. Losses to fighters include 42-31478 of 32nd BS, 301st BG, crew of 2/Lt. Cecil R Robertson. 353rd BS lost 42-31671 of 2/Lt. Jack A LaForge and crew all POW
πŸ“Œ A month later, he claims another B-17 Fortress for his 52nd victory.
πŸ”°52nd claimβœ…
B-17 Flying Fortress
SW of Braunschweig (PQ HA-3) @ 7000m
1st or 3rd BD, 8th AAF. 16 Losses including B-17G-20-BO 42-31532/JW- of 326th BS, 92nd BG. 2/Lt. Henry W Murdock and 6 others POW, 3 KIA. 325th BS lost B-17G-30-DL 42-38104/NV-I of 1/Lt. Douglas L Macdonald and 8 others POW, 1 evaded (also damaged by Flak). 410th BS, 94th BG lost B-17G-1-BO 42-31120/GL- of 1/Lt. Fletcher H Johnson and crew all KIA. 333rd BS lost B-17G-15-VE 42-97476/TS- of 2/Lt. Addison K Reno and 6 others KIA, 3 POW (also hit by Flak). 563rd BS, 388th BG lost B-17F-120-BO 42-30808/V of 2/Lt. Donald Filler and 4 others KIA, 5 POW. 728th BS, 452nd BG lost B-17G-25-BO 42-31731 of 1/Lt. Roy V Stephens and 5 others KIA, 4 POW. 730th BS lost B-17G-10-VE 42-39985 of 2/Lt. Robert J Brennan and 7 others POW, 2 KIA
(losses not mentioned here are attributable to other pilots and other causes such as Flak and engine troubles etc)
πŸ†πŸ₯‰ Rollwage was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 5 April 1944 for 52 victory credits.
πŸ“ŒSix days later, he claims two more B-17s shot down in combat, registering his 53rd and 54th victories.
πŸ”°πŸ”°53rd and 54th claimsβœ…βœ…
11.4.44/1108 and 1156
2 x B-17 Flying Fortresses
Halberstadt-Quedlinburg (PQ JC) @ 6000m and Goslar (PQ JA) @ 6000m
1st or 3rd BD, 8th AAF. There were 52 losses all up.
πŸ’₯πŸ’₯Two more B-17 claims during the middle of April 1944 bring his tally to 58 victories.
πŸ”°57th claimβœ…
B-17 Flying Fortress
S of Aschaffenburg @ 5800m
1st or 3rd BD, 8th AAF. 38 losses from 626 despatched. Losses to fighters include B-17G-15-DL 42-37827 of 508th BS, 351st BG and 42-38112/JD-J of 545th BS, 384th BG, crew of 1/Lt. Edward Fioretti 4 KIA & 6 POW Same unit lost B-17G-45-BO 42-97228 of 1/Lt. George I Poole (9 POW and 1 KIA) also to fighters was B-17G-15-DL 42-37827 of 508th BS, 351st BG. 545th BS, 384th BG lost B-17G-1-BO 42-31048 of 2/Lt. Max J Miller and 7 others KIA, 2 POW; B-17G-15-DL 42-37816/JD-S “Big Stupe V” of 1/Lt. Farris O Heffley and 5 others POW, 4 evaded capture plus B-17G-40-BO 42-97124/JD- of 2/Lt. Herbert T Swanson and 5 others evaded, 1 KIA and 3 POW. 339th BS, 96th BG lost B-17G-20-DL 42-37910/QJ- of 2/Lt. Clarence E Tate and crew all POW (dropped out of formation with engine trouble, downed by Fw190s) 337th BS lost B-17G-15-VE 42-97480/AW-B of 1/Lt. Otto H Brandau and crew all POW. B-17G-30-BO 42-31866 of 550th BS, 385th BG was damaged by Flak and fighters, 2/Lt. Harvey R Downs and crew all interned in Switzerland
πŸ”°58th claimβœ…
B-17 Flying Fortress
S of Munden 😊 Minden?), E of Kassel (PQ LU-56) @ 6000m
5 losses (significant overclaiming) 324th BS, 91st BG lost B-17G-25-DL 42-38006/DF-H “Hoosier Hot Shot” of 1/Lt. Stanley B Swenumson and 7 others POW, 2 KIA. 401st BS lost B-17G-45-BO 42-97406/LL-D of 1/Lt. John E LaFontin and 2 others KIA, 7 POW. 534th BS, 381st BG lost B-17F-75-DL 42-3525/GD-C of 2/Lt. Leslie A Bond and 6 others KIA, 2 POW plus B-17G-25-DL 42-38004/GD-A “Old Man Tucker” of 1/Lt. Robert W Rayburn and 2 others KIA, 6 POW (finished off by Flak)
πŸ”°59th claimβœ…
B-17 Flying Fortress
10km before Koblenz @ 5000m
1st or 3rd BD, 8th AAF. 332nd BS, 94th BG lost B-17G-55-BO 42-102584/XM- “Bottled in Blond” of 2/Lt. Thomas F Williams and crew all POW. 336th BS, 95th BG lost B-17G-5-VE 42-39884/ET-N of 2/Lt. Edwin M Yablonowski and 7 others KIA, 2 POW. 561st BS, 388th BG lost B-17G-20-BO 42-31549 of 2/Lt. Alex Loslo and crew all POW. 711th BS, 447th BG lost B-17G-45-BO 42-97179 of 2/Lt. Reginald H Pettus and crew all POW plus B-17G-50-BO 42-102395 of 1/Lt. Thomas C Mandrell and crew all POW; 709th BS lost B-17G-30-VE 42-97794 of 2/Lt. William Moses and 6 others returned, 2 KIA and 1 POW; 710th BS lost B-17G-30-VE 42-97815 of Capt. Harold Van Avery and crew all POW; 708th BS lost B-17G-35-DL 42-107020 of 1/Lt. Edwin D Wright and crew all KIA except one man POW. 730th BS, 452nd BG lost B-17G-20-DL 42-37947 of 2/Lt. Bruce Davis and crew all POW; 728th BS lost B-17G-5-VE 42-39937 of 2/Lt. Harold H Hemer and 4 others KIA, 5 POW; 729th BS lost B-17G-40-BO 42-97143/P “You’ve Had It” of 2/Lt. Otis L Stogsdill and one other POW, 8 KIA. 728th BS also lost B-17G-45-BO 42-97209/A of 2/Lt. Herbert J Hochstetter and crew all POW plus B-17G-45-BOs 42-97361 of 2/Lt. Alexnder J Halbleib and 5 others POW, 4 KIA plus 42-97371 of 2/Lt. Hugh T Atkinson and crew all POW plus B-17G-35-DL 42-107089 of Capt. Boris Slanin and 2 others KIA, 7 POW; 729th BS lost B-17G-45-BO 42-97235 of 2/Lt. Walter V Naylor and 4 others KIA, 5 POW plus B-17G-30-VE 42-97786 of 1/Lt. Joseph C Thomas and 3 others KIA, 6 POW
(other losses are attributable to other units/pilots and causes such as Flak and engine troubles)
πŸ“ŒHe recorded his 60th and 61st victory on 27 May 1944 when he shoots down 2 x USAAF B-17s near Rambervillers.
πŸ”°60th claimβœ…
B-17 270 deg from Rambervillers (PQ CO-CN) @ 6500m
1st or 3rd BD, 8th AAF. 510th BS, 351st BG lost B-17G-30-BO 42-31899/TU-B of 1/Lt. Harold M Peters and crew all interned in Switzerland after fighter attack. 508th BS, 351st BG lost B-17G-50-BO 42-102470/YB- of 1/Lt. Costa Johnson and crew all POW except one man KIA plus B-17G-55-BO 42-102613/YB- of 1/Lt. Howard R Evans and 2 others POW, 3 KIA and 3 evaded capture. 532nd BS, 381st BG lost B-17G-35-DL 42-107023/VE- of 2/Lt. Andrew H Stuart and 4 others POW, 3 evaded capture and 1 KIA. 751st BS, 457th BG lost B-17G-20-BO 42-31594/G of 1/Lt. Artie J Whitlow and 1 other KIA, 6 POW and 1 evaded capture 728th BS, 452nd BG lost B-17G-55-BO 42-102572/N of 2/Lt. Milton M Ward and 5 others POW, 4 evaded capture
(other losses are attributable to other units/pilots and causes such as Flak and engine troubles)
πŸ”°61st claimβœ…
B-17G-40-BO Flying Fortress
near Offenburg (PQ BQ-9) @ 6500m
42-97157/YB- of 508th BS, 351st BG. 1/Lt. Edgar F Sengstock and 6 others POW, remaining two crewmen both KIA (had also been plagued by mechanical failure)
πŸ”°62nd claimβœ…
B-17 Flying Fortress
Dessau (PQ JE-JF) @ 6800m
1st or 3rd BD, 8th AAF. 325th BS, 92nd BG lost B-17G-15-DL 42-37877/NV- of 2/Lt. Harold B Avery and 5 others POW, 3 KIA. 364th BS, 305th BG lost B-17G-20-BO 42-31475/WF- of 2/Lt. Robert G Wilkinson and crew all POW except one man KIA. 366th BS lost B-17G-30-DL 42-38176/KY-W of 1/Lt. Edward P Kass and 7 others KIA, 2 POW. 365th BS lost B-17G-55-BO 42-102699/XK- of 2/Lt. Ward M Hanson and crew all POW 418th BS, 100th BG lost B-17G-35-DL 42-107011/LD- of 1/Lt. Burdette L Williams and 5 others POW, 4 KIA. 562nd BS, 388th BG lost B-17G-60-BO 42-102946 of 1/Lt. Raymond Callahan and crew all POW 569th BS, 390th BG lost B-17G-20-BO 42-31466/CC-A “Sitting Pretty” of 1/Lt. Wallace E Shymanski and 6 others evaded, 3 POW plus B-17G-5-VE 42-39953/CC-J of 1/Lt. Carl D Nesbitt and 3 others KIA, 6 POW
(other losses are attributable to other units/pilots and causes such as Flak and engine troubles)
πŸ’₯πŸ’₯During June 1944, he makes two more victory claims.
πŸ”°63rd claim❌
B-26 Marauder
Off Barfleur (PQ RS-8.7) @ 2000m
No 9th AAF loss at this time, overclaiming.
πŸ”°64th claimβœ…
P-47D-5-RE Thunderbolt
Carentan (PQ TS-5) @ 1000m
Ofhr. Guenther Worm claimed a minute later
Two claims for 42-8690/IA-K “Super Rabbit of 366th FS, 358th FG. Philip D Brockus KIA
πŸ†On 10 August 1944, newly promoted Leutnant Rollwage was appointed StaffelkapitΓ€n of 5./JG 53 after he shot down ten more B-17s, two B-24s, P-47s and P-38s since winning the Knight’s Cross.
πŸ’₯πŸ’₯Rollwage claims 2 x more fighters shot down on the 22nd and 23rd of Aigust 1944.
πŸ”°65th claimβœ…
P-38J-25-LO Lightning
20km NW of St. Quentin/5km S of Peronne (PQ RF 6) @ 2000m
Most likely P-38J-25-LO 44-23571 of 393rd FS, 367th FG. 2/Lt. Stanley M Johnson POW
Note also that P-38J-15-LO 44-23159 of 474th FG was apparently lost this date, details unknown.
Note, for the 22.8.44 claim, there were 2 other pilots that claimed
πŸ”°66th claim❌
P-47 Thunderbolt
12km SW of Mantes-la-Jolie (PQ AD-2) @ 4000m
8th or 9th AAF, appears to be overclaiming. All losses this date appear to have been by causes other than fighters.
πŸ“ŒHe makes a double Thunderbolt claim on 28 September 1944 near Sarrebourg that cannot be verified.
πŸ”°πŸ”°67th and 68th claimsβœ…βŒ
2 x P-47 Thunderbolts
N of Sarrebourg (PQ AP 7) @ 1500m and St. Nicholas, SW of Nancy (PQ BN 5) @ low altitude
508th FS, 404th FG? They were apparently bounced but do not appear to have suffered any losses
πŸ’₯Rollwage makes another P-47 Thunderbolt claim on 20 October 1944 for his 69th victory.
πŸ”°69th claimβœ…
P-47D Thunderbolt
SW of Strasbourg (PQ CP-2) @ 600m
GC II/3. Includes P-47D-22-RE 42-26160/60 of Raymond Mercadier KIA and P-47D-25-RE 42-26521/62 of Henri Dugit-Gros POW. P-47D-21-RE 42-25448/64 of Henri Cherrier was damaged and written off?
Versus five claims all up
πŸ“ŒHe recorded his 70th victory on 25 November when he shot down another US Army reconnaisance light plane near Mommerheim.
Rollwage left II./JG 53 on 5 December 1944, having been assigned to 2./JG 106 as an instructor.
πŸ†πŸ₯‰πŸπŸ At the beginning of 1945, already promoted to Leutnant, he would surpass the mark of the 70 victories, a fact that led him to be decorated by Hitler with the Leaves of Oak to the Knight’s Cross on January 24, 1945, making him the 713th soldier of the Wehrmacht to receive this award.
He was even promoted to Oberleutnant .
πŸ“ŒIn early April 1945, Rollwage returned to II./JG 53. It is thought that he never officially returned to the Gruppe, rather that after II./JG 53 moved to Ulm-Ristissen, the former base of II./JG 106 which was being disbanded, Rollwage attached himself to II./JG 53 where he stayed until war’s end.
He supposedly gained a number of victories with the unit.
πŸ”°71st claimβœ…
P-47 Thunderbolt
Location unknown.
At least one loss in air combat this date: 44-33152/B8-J of 379th FS, 362nd FG. Charles W Everett KIA near Birkungen
When the end of the war came, on May 8, 1945, the now-convicted prisoner of war Rollwage had flown 664 combat missions.
⚰Having served in the Bundesluftwaffe after the war, Oberleutnant Herbert Rollwage died in his hometown of Gielde in former West Germany on 4 January 1980 at the age of 63.
πŸ“ŒHerbert Rollwage’s victory total is not known for sure but he did fly a total of 664 missions. It is known he was credited with 71 victories, including 11 recorded over the Eastern front.
It is thought his final total may be between 80 and 85.
Fourteen heavy four-engine bomber victories are verifiable by date.
Other references such as Toliver and Constable (lmfao) list him with 102 aerial victories including 44 heavy bombers.
β–ͺHonor trophy of the Luftwaffe (10 August 1942)
β–ͺFront Flying Clasp of the Luftwaffe
β–ͺIron Cross (1939)
2nd Class (5 July 1941)
1st Class (16 September 1941)
β–ͺWound Badge (1939)
in Black
in Silver
β–ͺGerman Cross in Gold on 12 December 1942 as Oberfeldwebel in the 5th / Jagdgeschwader 53
πŸ†πŸ₯‰Knight’s Cross on 6 April 1944 as Oberfeldwebel and pilot in the 3./Jagdgeschwader 53
πŸ†πŸ₯‰πŸπŸ 713th Oak Leaves on 24 January 1945 as Lieutenant and StaffelkapitΓ€n of the 5th / Jagdgeschwader 53
1931 – Unteroffizier
09.1941 – Feldwebel
1942 – Oberfeldwebel
05.1944 – Leutnant
24.1.1945 – Oberleutnant
πŸ›‘Units :
JG 53, JG 106

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