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Airmen Casualties

Vol. 1 | Operazione Emergenza G [28 October 1940 − 5 April 1941]

Vol. 2 | Unternehmen Marita [6 April 1941 − 27 April 1941]

Coming Soon! Vol. 3 | Unternehmen Merkur [20 May 1941 − 1 June 1941]

RHAF: Royal Hellenic Air Force
RAI: Regia Aeronautica Italiana
RAF: Royal Air Force
LW: Luftwaffe

Acronyms List and Special Thanks

Operazione Emergenza G

Unternehmen Marita


Acronyms List
Air Force, Sqn: Squadron, CO: Commanding Officer, KiA: Killed in Action, MiA: Missing in Action,
KFA: Killed in Flying Accident, NBC: Non-Battle Casualty, DoW: Died of Wounds, PoW/PoWnr: Prisoner of War/Prisoner of War number,
A/A: Antiaircraft fire, M.H.: Military Hospital, G.H.: General Hospital, M/V: Merchant Vessel, grt: gross register tonnage, Unk: Unknown.

Special Thanks for their contribution (alphabetical order)
Cooper Brian
(UK), Karatzas Alexandros (Athens, Greece), Pantos Dimitrios (Athens, Greece), Sciacchetano Umberto (Athens, Greece), Serbis Themis (Ioannina, Greece),
Valasiadis Nikos (Thessaloniki, Greece), Vassilopoulos Dimitris (Athens, Greece), Vlassis D. Konstantinos (Athens, Greece), Williams Phil (Cardiff, Wales, UK).

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