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RAF 41490, F/O Vincent Allan Jackson Stuckey

[credits | CWGC Archives]

Grave Registration

[credits | CWGC Archives]

Grave Registration


Monday, 20 January 1941


Patrol Piraeus area
Athens, Greece
RAF 80 Sqn
Gladiator MkI, s/n K7902
F/O 41490, Vincent Allan Jackson Stuckey – KiA



ORB extract, No. 80 Squadron


     Aircraft stood by at dawn. At 1210 L.T. 3 Gladiators of sub 1 flight were ordered to Patrol over Piraeus to intercept Italian bombers approaching from the west. at 1222, 2 more aircraft or sub 2 flight took off to patrol 15 miles S.W. of Athens at 20,000′. Two aircraft of No. 30 Squadron were also up on a standing patrol over Athens. At 1330 hours four Italian aircraft bombed Athens from a height of 13,000′ and were not intercepted. Sub 1 flight had been ordered to patrol at 10,000′ and so had no chance at all or catching the bombers although they gave chase due south out to sea. Sub 2 flight received no R/T instructions regarding the course of the raiders and did nor spot them. When the second formation or enemy aircraft attacked, sub 1 flight had turned back towards Athens and climbed to 15,000′ and so was in a good position to carry out a head on attack when the enemy aircraft turned East. This they did but F/O V.A. Stuckey No3 of the formation broke away and carried out an individual quarter attack. He carried his attack to a very close range falling in astern and then breaking away and diving almost to sea level some 10-12,000′ below. It was evident that his machine had been hit because he made for a small landing group South of Athens and might have landed successfully had not another aircraft been in his way, and making it necessary for him to do another circuit. While he was gliding over the Hangars for the second time, flames were seen coming froom underneath the petrol tank, and a moment later the machine burst into flames and crashed, the pilot being killed. Meanwhile sub 2 flight attacked the starboard aircraft which had been slowed up by the attack of sub 1 flight. On the second attack by F/Lt Woods D.F.C. the machine burst into flames. Four of the crew baled out, before the machine hit the sea where it exploded. Aircraft of No. 30 Squadron also attacked this machine, so that it cannot be claimed by 80 Squadron. None of the other Gladiators were damaged.

[ ORB extract, January 21st: The funeral of F/O V.A. Stuckey took place in the afternoon at 3rd Municipal Cemetery, Athens, the service being conducted by the Rev. T.D. Herbert. Only one Officer from 80 Squadron was able to attend. Position of grave is Plot No.19 Sub Plot 1, Row A Greve 4 ]




     Stuckey served with 80 Squadron in Egypt. In total, five (5) Claims are been recorded, one (1) aircraft shared and one (1) probable.
     Claims during the Greek Campaign: In Koritsa, on the 11th of November, one (1) CR.42 [160º Gruppo CT] and one (1) G.50 [24º Gruppo]. On the 20th of January he claimed one (1) Z.1007 [47º Stormo BT] over Athens area which is a shared with No. 30 Squadron.

Documentation, TNA.



Rcd. A.M.C.S. 1445 hrs 22/1/41.
To: Air Ministry
From: HQ RAF ME (B.P.O.)


M.288 22/1. FB.
(A) Gladiator K.7902. (B) 80 Sqdn.
(C) Athens 1415 20/1. (D) 41490 F/O V.A.J. Stuckey killed. (G) Crashed on forced landing after engagement with enemy bomber. (H) Cat.3.

Time of Origin: 11/06/22

A/C to P.4.Cas.


TNA Reference:

Royal Air Force,
Middle East,

8 January, 1943.

41490 F/O V.A.J. STUCKEY (Dec’d)

Sir, I have the honour to refer to your letter P.357032/41 dated 24th August, 1942, and to forward herewith Burial Report in respect of the above-named officer.

2. The following circumstantial report has to been forwarded by. 80 Squadron.
‘ A formation of S.79’s came over Athens on 20th January 1941. F/O Stuckey intercepted these aircraft and was shot down in flames in the ensuing combat. He crashed at Phaleron aerodrome, Greeks placed wreaths on the burst-out wreckage. It is not known wheter the remains of his body were removed from the wreckage or not.’
3. This report was given by a member of the Squadron, who was in Greece with the Unit.

I have the honour to be,
Your obedient Servant,
for Air Chief Marshal,
Royal Air Force, Middle East.

The Under Secretary of State,
Air Ministry,
Adastral House,
Kingsway.  LONDON, W.C.2.

Ref. 357032

From: -Officer Commanding, No. 80 Squadron.
To: -Base Personnel Staff Officer, R.A.F., Middle East.
Date:-9th August, 1941.

Circumstancial Report on Casualty to
Gladiator K.7902 on 20th January, 1941.
F/O. V.A.J. Stuckey.

     Further to Headquarters, British Air Forces Greece, Signal M.19 dated 20th January, 1941, herewith Circumstantial Report relating to the above accident.
     2. At approximately 1400 hours on 20th January, 1941, three aircraft of this Unit operating from Eleusis intercepted enemy aircraft approaching the Athens area. In the ensuring combat this aircraft was damaged by enemy fire.
     3. Whilst circling the aerodrome, prior to landing, the aircraft burst into flames, the pilot being killed.

Squadron Leader, Commanding,
No. 80 squadron,                R.A.F.
Copy to:-H.Q. R.A.F. M.E. (your S.41953/F.1.dated
4.7.41 refers.)

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Sources: The National Archives (UK), The Commonwealth War Graves, Aces High (Christopher Shores and Clive Williams), Air war for Yugoslavia Greece and Crete, 1940 – 41 (Christopher Shores, Brian Cull, Nicola Malizia).

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