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RAF 211 Sqn, Blenheim MkI L8536

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Grave Registration, F/O Luke Sylvestre Delaney

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Grave Registration, Sgt Vynor Pollard

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Grave Registration, Sgt Thomas Alexander McCord


Monday, 6 January 1941



Near Argyrokastron
RAF 211 Sqn
Blenheim MkI, s/n L8536

Aircrew Pilot. 40371 F/O Delaney Luke Sylvester – KiA
745972 Sgt Pollard Vynor – KiA
612781 Sgt McCord Thomas Alexander – KiA


ORB extract, No. 211 Squadron


     NINE aircraft bombed the foreshore at VALONA from 4,000 feet. Our aircraft were intercepted by fighters after leaving the target and cloud cover was saught. The formation leader’s aircraft landed at base with one burst tyre and aircrew pierced by M.G. fire. An A.A. shell which lodged itself in the tail plane of another aircraft piloted by Sgt. MARSHALL, exploded 25 minutes after leaving the target, but the aircraft was kept under control and returned to base.
The aircraft piloted by F/O DELANEY was last seen near Kelcyre, losing height with only its starboard engine functioning. F/O CAMPBELL was last seen in cloud SOUTH WEST of VALONA. Both these aircraft failed to return.



     On the same mission, L1598 force-landed at Eleusis owing to damaged oil pipe as a result of enemy fighters and L1542 received direct hits. Both crews SAFE.
     L1487 failed to return. Crew ended up PoWs: F/O Robert Bobby Campbell, Sgt John H. Beharrel and Sgt Ray Appleyard. They all survived to see the end of war.

Documentation, TNA.



To: AIR Ministry Reptd Records Ruislip
From: H.Q.  R.A.F.M.E.

Recieved A.M.C.S. 1414 Hrs


M.84 8/1 F.B.

(A) Blenheim L.8537. (sic) (B) No. 211 Squadron. (C) Kilcyie 6/1 0800 G.M.T.
(D) 40371 F/O L.S. Delaney missing, 745972 Sgt. V. Pollard missing, 612781 Sgt T.A. McCord missing. (G) Aircraft last seen descending slowly through gap in clouds port engine dead aircraft under control. (H) Aircraft missing. (A) Blenheim L.1487. (B) No. 211 Squadron. (C) 41373 F/O R.D. Campbell missing, 751077 Sgt. J.H. Beharrel missing, 613211 Sgt. R. Appleyard missing. (G) Aircraft last seen climbing separately into clouds unable to keep formation. (H). Aircraft missing.

Time of Origin:- 1049 Hrs


Ref 356861

Copy: S E C R E T

From:- No. 211 Squadron, Royal Air Force
To:- Air Headquarters British Air Forces in Greece
Date:-9th January, 1941

Crashed Aircraft – Blenheim L.8536
Flying Officer L.S. Delaney.
Sgt Pollard. Sgt McCord.

Blenheim L.8536 piloted by F/O. L. S. Delaney was observed to descend through a gap in the clouds in the neighbourhood of KELCYRE at approximately 08.00 hours G.M.T. on the 6th of January, 1941.
2. The aircraft was returning from a raid on Valona and was flying on one engine. The starboard engine was dead presumably due to enemy action.
3. The aircraft was subsequently found by Greeks crashed near ARGYROKASTRON with the crew killed.

(sgd) ? ? ?
Flight Lieutenant, Commanding,
No. 211 Squadron, R. A. F.

Copy to:- H.Q.R.A.F.M.E.
                  Base Personnel Office, R.A.F.


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Sources: The National Archives (UK), The Commonwealth War Graves, Air war for Yugoslavia Greece and Crete, 1940 – 41 (Christopher Shores, Brian Cull, Nicola Malizia).

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